MistNet AI-Driven Detection and Response Platform


MistNet is the only AI-Driven Detection and Response platform that stops threats across the entire attack surface of the Enterprise. The MistNet Platform monitors users, network and OS internals using machine learning models to autonomously hunt and stop unusual and threatening activity in real-time.

Laptop with a dashboard on screen
MistNet Detector
  • AI-driven detection exposes hidden threats in real-time
  • The most comprehensive attack coverage available with 97% of attack vectors recognized
  • Reduces false positives by 90% and shortens mean-time-to-repair from hours to minutes
Laptop with a dashboard on screen
MistNet Defender
  • Stops attacks like data theft or ransomware in progress -before damage is done
  • Micro-targets malicious behavior only - leaving users undisturbed
  • Buys valuable time for your analysts to respond with an attack
Laptop with a dashboard on screen
MistNet Hunter
  • Follow potential attackers across network, user, host and process
  • Infinite record of all activity in your enterprise
  • AI Assistant guides you to suspicious activity