The TensorMist-AI Advantage

Better Detection, Response and Hunting by Design CyberMist powered by TensorMist-AI TM

The CyberMist platform is powered by our patent-pending TensorMist-AITM architecture—an innovative distributed AI mist computing architecture engineered to dramatically improve detection performance and scalability.

Unlike legacy systems that send raw, often times rudimentary, security event information to backend databases or SIEM tools for analysis, TensorMist-AI technology establishes a high-performance distributed in-memory database delivering blazing threat detection performance and near infinite scale.

  1. Support high-speed network environments with full north-south and east-west visibility across data center, campus/branch and cloud environments
  2. Develop highly accurate ground truth models of network and user behaviors lessening the load on SIEM tools and improving SOC efficiency
  3. Enforce compliance and privacy policies by eliminating movement of security data when performance audits and investigations
cybermist model
TensorMist-AI Distributed Data Pipeline Model
  • Bringing compute to the data = Greater responsiveness, greater scale
  • Zero data movement for privacy & compliance