Who We Are

MistNet was founded in 2016 with a simple mission of making the connected world a safer place. To do this we brought together a team with deep experience in diverse disciplines:

  • Security experts who are not satisfied with current point products or manual solutions
  • Data Scientists who see a huge gap between what we can do with artificial intelligence on cloud-native architectures and the way enterprise security is done today
  • Networking professionals who know how to mine valuable insight from live streaming data

Backed by top tier VCs and a leading cyber-security company. MistNet is currently helping to protect assets and users in F1000 Enterprises from hybrid cloud to campus to branch office.

Leadership Geoffrey Mattson

President and CEO
Geoff formed MistNet in 2016 bringing 25 years' experience in the networking and security industry and the inspiration to make the world a safer place. Geoff has held executive leadership roles in product development at Fortune 500 and startup environments with deep expertise in distributed systems and networking.

Ray Qiu

CTO and Lead Architect
Ray joined MistNet in 2016 bringing 25+ years' experience in the networking and security industry. Ray has deep software engineering experience with advanced knowledge of modern distributed scale-out software architectures and frameworks, big data analytics using Hadoop, Spark, SQL/NO-SQL databases, machine learning, graph computing, and real-time streaming processing.

Elwin Stelzer Eliazer

VP Engineering
Elwin joined MistNet in 2016 bringing 15+ years' experience in software engineering experience leading the development of advanced security and networking systems at major vendors and startups. Elwin has deep expertise in software design and system architecture with specialties in embedded systems, computer networking, network security, Linux, and BSD.

Careers Join our team of cyber security professionals as we develop the best platform in the industry. MistNet Headquarters

655 Castro St #3
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 665-9117