Detect More. Alert Less.

MistNet identifies and blocks more types of attacks than any single solution. Our AI-enabled technology reduces false positives by 90%.

Cyber AI Detection and Defense
  • Detect Detect more threats in more places with 90% fewer false positives.
  • Defend Block attacks in real time and resolve incidents in minutes.
  • Hunt Hunt with complete User, Host and Network visibility at any level.
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MistNet Cyber Defense

MistNet is the first Cyber AI Detection and Defense platform with visibility across network, host and user activity and the ability to expose and block threats in real-time.

Instant Visibility

Installs in less than one hour with immediate visibility into user, host, container and network enterprise-wide

Cognitive Detection

AI continuously learns enterprise environment reducing false positives by 90% while providing the most complete threat detection coverage available

Dependable Defense

Autonomously blocks attackers before they breach your data

Effective Hunting

Explore and playback enterprise activity and use AI-assistance to expose malicious actors reducing average dwell time from months to days