Detect More. Alert Less.

CyberMist identifies and blocks more types of attacks than any single solution. Our AI-enabled technology reduces false positives by 90%. See what you’ve been missing.

The Most Sophisticated AI-driven Detection and Defense
  • Detect Detect more threats in more places with 90% fewer false positives.
  • Defend Block attacks in real time and resolve incidents in minutes not months.
  • Hunt Hunt with complete user, host and network visibility at any level.
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CyberMist from MistNet

CyberMist is the first AI-driven platform providing complete visibility across user, host, and network with the ability to expose and block threats in real-time.

Instant Visibility

Installs in less than one hour with immediate visibility into user, host, and network enterprise-wide

Cognitive Detection

AI continuously learns enterprise environment reducing false positives by 90% while providing the most complete threat detection coverage available

Dependable Defense

Autonomously blocks attacks and attackers before they breach your data

Effective Hunting

Explore and playback enterprise-wide user, host and network activity and use AI to simplify compliance audits and accelerate investigations

“Mistnet’s big value is that it automatically hunts for the threats that have successfully bypassed other security tools. It does this through deep packet inspection and applied machine learning to determine what traffic is normal, per user or host, and what is out of that norm. Along with a continuous re-evaluation of traffic patterns against attack methods, MistNet provides us with very intelligent and actionable security alerts.”

CISO, Fortune 1000 Technology Company

“Security teams are oftentimes lean and simply don't have the time to sift through countless alerts and alarms. With CyberMist, security teams can gain instant visibility across the entire enterprise. Teams can monitor users, hosts, networks and all public cloud resources all from a single monitor. Plus the Mitre ATT&CK-assisted hunting allows teams to continually check for vulnerabilities and to stop attacks before they happen.”

Vasu Kappettu, CTO Justia

“MistNet’s CyberMist platform is truly transformative. Built on a modern, cloud-native security stack, CyberMist is capable of gathering the most accurate, most pervasive, security and ground truth data for an enterprise. The application of mist computing, combined with machine learning and deep learning, is a game-changer, yielding new levels of threat detection performance, hunting, and compliance.”

Mike Elmore, Security Executive & Technologist