Detect More. Alert Less.

CyberMist identifies and blocks more types of attacks than any single solution. Our AI-enabled technology reduces false positives by 90%. See what you’ve been missing.

The Most Sophisticated AI-driven Detection and Defense
  • Detect Detect more threats in more places with 90% fewer false positives.
  • Defend Block attacks in real time and resolve incidents in minutes not months.
  • Hunt Hunt with complete user, host and network visibility at any level.
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CyberMist from MistNet

CyberMist is the first AI-driven platform providing complete visibility across user, host, and network with the ability to expose and block threats in real-time.

Instant Visibility

Installs in less than one hour with immediate visibility into user, host, and network enterprise-wide

Cognitive Detection

AI continuously learns enterprise environment reducing false positives by 90% while providing the most complete threat detection coverage available

Dependable Defense

Autonomously blocks attacks and attackers before they breach your data

Effective Hunting

Explore and playback enterprise-wide user, host and network activity and use AI to simplify compliance audits and accelerate investigations